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Training BJJ in Brazil

Has anyone does this?

Is this a ‘thing’ like going to Thailand for a few months and training Muay Thai?

I’ve never done BJJ but have done a bit of MT and boxing and want to train in Thailand, then I was going to backpack around South America so thought it would be really cool to spend a couple months in Brazil just training at a bjj gym every day.

Is this a done thing? Can anyone recommend any gyms? Would I be fine having literally zero experience in bjj?

I have seen a thread and a blog on sherdog where a bloke has done it but he was fairly experienced already, so not sure how well setup it is for beginners.

Times have changed; the US has some of the best instructors and competitors without the danger of Brazil. Unless part of the reason you want to go is for the women there isn’t much of a bjj reason to go.

I’m from Australia, but part of the appeal is immersing myself in the culture and training, getting an authentic experience and authentic, top class training.

As mentioned I’ll be backpacking around South and Central America so if there is somewhere in that general area to get world class coaching and spend 4-6 hours a day training I’d do it somewhere else. As for coming to America, I just imagine it would be very expensive and so I wouldn’t be able to do it for as long.

Cost is obviously a decent factor as well and 2-3 months of training and living in Brazil vs somewhere else has to be taken into account.

My old gym (Renzo Gracie affiliate in Pittsburgh) used to do yearly trips to Costa Rica for immersion training. The instructors are all Renzo guys though. Shawn Williams is the only one I remember outside of my old coach (Warren Stout).

Pretty sure you can find a number of good articles and blogs about this. I’m certain I’ve read a few.

Honestly if you want the best instruction you’re probably not going to find it in Brazil. I think most of the top Brazilians train and teach in the US now.

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