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Training BJJ at Home

So me and my gf are trying to get back into the grappling game but obviously no gyms are open right now. So we bought some mats for the basement to give us a place to do it at home and now just are looking for some resources to help guide our self instruction for the time being. Any help would be welcome

I feel like a responsible edit should say I have a little over a year experience and she was a blue belt before our gym ended up moving away from where we lived 2 years ago and we haven’t really practiced since.

There’s plenty of good stuff on YouTube, especially since you have a training partner. John Danaher, FightTips… Just search “home BJJ” and you’ll find plenty.

Thanks for mentioning danaher I don’t know why I hadn’t already thought of looking into his stuff. We ended up just making a list of the most basic stuff like guard passes and sweeps to drill. As for now just gonna really build our fundamentals up and move onto some other stuff after a few weeks of practice

If you’ve got a partner to drill with during quarantine, then you’ve got an opportunity that many do not. Danaher/BJJ Fanatics was offering a free DVD as a “quarantine special” that was based on basic movements - especially for folks without partners. Not a bad pick up all the same; I’ve been training for 15 years and learn something significant every time I watch or listen to John Danaher. I’m studying his back attack system during quarantine.

Another great resource I’m finding right now is a black belt out of Kentucky named Nick Albin who goes by the nickname of “Chewie.” Has a podcast and a very good YT channel. Positive, winning personality, active competitor, I’m really enjoying him over the past few months.


I appreciate the response and I hadn’t heard of chewie so it’s definitely someone I’ll check out. Feel blessed to live in a time where so much good info is out there just for free by the best and brightest in the sport.

Also 15 years of experience is real in the trenches knowledge. I bet you are a wizard on the mats

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