Training BJJ and Muay Thai for a Noob

This is my first post in the combat sports section and I came across a gym in my hometown which is affiliated with American Top Team and offers both BJJ which is made up of different skill levels and a Gi and No-Gi class and a Muay Thai which is broken up into beginner and intermediate the advanced/elite level classes aren’t on the schedule I’m assuming there reserved for those wanting to compete. They even offer a fitness conditioning in the mornings.

Anyways my question is do you think it is appropriate for a complete noob to take up both BJJ and Muay Thai simultaneously I always read bios of UFC fighters of first excelling in one art form and than training in the other. This same philosophy I have heard of many getting a black belt in one art than training in another art.

I think I am fairly proficient in the striking art I have done both amateur boxing and Okinawan Karate to be considered having intermediate level proficiency at the very least in striking. And also during my time with USMC done there MCMAP (which incorporates ground fighting and very basic submissions and strikes )

I would also do to time constraints be only able to attend the classes Fri & Saturday ( 2 hours of Bjj and 1 hour Muay Thai) due to work/summer class obligations and I would also be leaving back to college in the fall so this level of training would only be for the rest of the summer and when I get back home on breaks etc… I would also have access to the college campus clubs which practice BJJ and Muay Thai although I have heard the atmosphere at my college mma club is very poser like and is more like a social gathering than a training environment.

I was able to get a free class using the BJJ w/ Gi and feel that not enough attention was spent teaching me the basic mounts / escapes etc… although I did get a BJJ postions 101 from a helpful white belt and the black belt did teach me armbar and basic gi choke hold. Anyways do you guys think I should just with learning the BJJ alone at first or cross training with the Muay Thai. If you ask my goal it would be to learn both arts for recreation and maybe as I get really proficient even competing.

My old man would prefer I just take the Muay Thai since he views striking art as preferred to grappling in terms of self defense. And I would agree that in a street fight I would rather end the fight with quick strikes than risk getting on the ground. Like I said before though I would to learn both just don’t know which path would be the right one to take. I also am following Nate Green’s Built For Show Workout Program.

Does anyone disagree/agree with me taking BJJ and Muay Thai simultaneously??

If you’re just doing it for casual fun, then train whichever you’ll have the most fun with. Personally I’d train them both.