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Training Between Close Meets


Hey guys, I have a general question about training between meets that are a month or two apart. What does your training/peaking look like? I am planning on competing again 7 weeks after my meet so looking for general advice and experiences.


Which meet is the more important of the 2?

I did 2 strongman competitions that were 1 month apart, with the second one being the more important one. I treated the first one more like a primer/practice run, and kept the training a little lower on the intensity side leading up to that one, and then really pushed myself after it to prep for the second. If you’re in a similar situation, I would say to not go for PRs on all 3 lifts in the first meet but more use it to get a feel for where you are at strength wise.


I think it depends on how you prepare under normal circumstances.

I normally only need 3-4 weeks of focus specifically for a meet so a 7 week gap is no big deal for me. My prep doesn’t change much from the normal training.

Personally, if it were me in your shoes, I’d probably take a few days off after the first meet and have light volume my first few workouts back. Then I’d go ahead and hit my normal last 4-5 weeks of heavy training leading up to the next meet.

You’ll be fine. The body can take it.


7 weeks is a lot of time to ease back in and peak again.