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Training Belt?

Looking to buy a new belt for squats/DL’s and i’m wondering if i should get a 10mm belt, or if that’s to heavy duty to train. and just buy a regular leather training belt. I’m currently using a broken down leather belt i’ve had now for about 5 years and i figured it was time to get a new one.

Any suggestions on a good belt? I’ve heard good things about SAFE-USA that is now Texas Powerlifting belts. Any advice would be appreciated.

Can’t go wrong with anything from EFS


I have used this belt for years, and it has never let me down

Can’t beat the price.

I’ve got an Inzer lever belt (that I got from Joe Good…thanks Joe!) and love it. Previously I had a dual prong belt and liked it too. But the dual prongs can be hard to take on and off. I don’t think it matters where you get the belt from as they are all built much the same (speaking of the big names like EFS, Inzer, etc).


I have had a lever belt, purchased from Inzer. I like it as I do not require external help to close it. It has lasted me 10+ years.


I’m using the EFS belt. Very happy with it.

10mm is definitely not too heavy to train with. I have 10mm APT single prong which I previously trained with and a 13mm Inzer single prong that I currently train/compete with. Both are good belts.

Love my single prong inzer forever belt. If you’re going to buy a belt, then buy one that will last. I bought an EFS belt dual prong when they were on sale, wasn’t impressed. Compared to the inzer one I use now it felt cheap and unfinished I’m not trying to hate but you’d notice the difference.

Alright cool, Thanks everybody for the advice. Sounds like a lot of people have the inzer so i’ll look into one of those.

Inzer lever for sure! I think the lever is much preferably personally. I find it to be a pain to get the pronged belt in tight while the lever is just so quick and simple which is good when you are nervous before a big lift with your feet going numb from the knee wraps hahahaha

x2 on the Inzer

I have two single prong Inzer Forever belts, one smaller one for my leaner months, and one for when I put on my fat layer when I feel so inclined. I love them both, will never buy anything else.

Oh and BTW, be sure and get a 4inch belt and whether you get 10 or 13mm is up to you. I like the 13 because it feels like a wall all around you while the 10 feels mroe pliable. Persoanal preference for sure though