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Training begets Serenity


Hello to all. (3/18/09)
I am a frequent viewer on these boards and post sporadicaly until now - felt like starting a log here.

I am 39 years old
247 pds.
6 foot 1/2 inch
been training for a long while with a boatload of injuries from various nefarious activities.

taday was sqaut/leg day.
warmups are done for 5 reps bar,135x2,185,225,275.
325x3,345,3,365x15 left alot in the tank
Box sqauts low box 10 inch -185x3 for explosives 10 sets.
seated calf raises 2 plates for 25 reps 3 sets.
Hanging leg raises 5 set 15 reps.

Oh yeah my injuries are bulged c5,c6 - in remission now strength is coming back fast. Bicep tendon inflammation. Alot of slight tears and such. and the biggie I have a condition called Polysplenia - in short I have a Pacemaker installed as of two years ago to help regulate my heart correctly-situs Inversus-Both calves torn- right rotator torn-both hamstrings torn- permanent nerve damage from nerve impingment in my neck -more broken bones than I care to remember.


5 wind sprints followed by 30 second kettlebell swings each arm for 4 sets. (3/19/09/


Welcome Fischer! Feel free to chime in on anyone's log, I'm sure we'll chime in on yours...


Ditto from me.


Hey, welcome great squats.
nice work.



computers suck.

last friday did seated military presses

135x10 for 5 sets

pullups max reps 11,10,8

pullldowns 170 for 5,5,10 done in ladder set progression for 2 sets


today (monday)
rack pulls from 3rd hole (bottom of plate is 7 inches off of floor)
warm ups are 5 reps. bar up to 275 in 50 pound increments.

245x10 for 5 sets

hanging leg raises 5 set of 15 reps.


Glad to finally see you thread. Strong stuff man.


I was talking to a client of mine and something clicked in my head about a philosphy I have.

You train because you have goals to ascertain and aspire to.

you Workout to pass the time.

I "Train" to get better at what I am doing - so in essence I am practicing over and over again my lifts or skills for my various endeavors.

I see people workout all the time ( I am a Trainer) who look the same month after month- no log,no goals = no clue.

Random thoughts.


ps: I mean if you see no progression in your lifts over a period of months/years. I would go nuts/crazy about my inability to succeed in my chosen endeavor.



When I started getting serious, I had not decided either to enter a bodybuilding contest, powerlifting or strongman.

After donning a speedo, I resembled a walrus flossing... so then decied to go for the strength feats, and finally decided on powerlifting.

Once I had decided a goal, and changed the mindset from "working out" to "training"... it took me to another level.

My first contest is in August, but am trying to find something in between for experience.


bunny divide the time you have inhalf between your first contest and do a prep contest. It is good to go in prepared and how your body responds to a 12 week cycle contest prep . and how frequent you need deloads.


I hear ya... just gotta find a contest that will be directly in the middle of the time line some where.

And "deload"... only done one in the last couple of months... and that was a vacation to Mexico last month where I did not do anything for a week... heaviest weight I lifted was 12 ozs. I am doing Wendler's 5/3/1, just started, so I will be working them in.


5/3/1 is awesome.

I switch from dc training to 5/3/1 throughout the year.

What style of 5/3/1 are you gonna do ?
I am on the boring but big and this week is my 1 rep week at 95% then deload (thank god)



warm ups are 5 reps .
220x5,245x3,275x6. 175x10 for 5 sets.

t-bar rows . 2plates +25 5 sets of 10
barbell curls 2 sets of 5 @ 105.

Started my diet 2 days ago @ 248 :slight_smile: and now just 2 days later 239 (cripes).

My diet is a Keto Diet and when the switch happened I felt nauesous and shaky .
All I am doing right now is peeing and peeing.



My wife experienced the same thing. A lot of toxins are stored in adipose tissue. As soon as you start using the fat for fuel those toxins get released and head off to the liver and kidneys. Can make ya nauseous because you're being poisoned...again. Water water water.


I know not to mention my carbs were somewhere in the vicininty of 400-500 a day.
So switching from sugar burning to fat burning is a weird feeling. My body temp is up and average of 1.5 degrees as of right now.

and thank god for caffiene.

Thanks for the advice I am @ close to 2 gallons a day right now. Oh wait I gotta go pee again.


Sqaut day.

warm ups 5 reps each.

405x15 SONOFABITCH!!!! I was shooting for 20 reps.
Guess the diet got me I am down 12 pds and my legs loaded up at rep 13 and locked.

I will have a video up.

edit: 5 sets of 15 hanging leg raises.
bodyweight 236 -fully clothed after 4 meals.


couple of warm ups
seated military press-freweight

upright rows on smith 115x10 for 3 sets

pulldowns 170 ladders 5 reps rest 5reps rest 10 reps the rest periods are 4 sec.
one arm row 60x10 for 4 sets
hanging ab raises 3x20, 2x15


Thats some squatn!


No kidding. Great work!