Training Before VJB

Hi everyone, I don’t post here often, but I wanted your opinions.

I’ve been wanting to do a program from the Vertical Jump Development Bible by Kelly Baggett for a while now, but schoolwork, track, vacation, college orientation, and a bunch of other things have gotten in my way. Now I’m at college and I’m just settling in. The only reason I haven’t jumped right into a VJB program is because I feel like I should build a foundation of strength before starting one of the programs. I’ve been squatting for about a year now, deadlifting for about 2-3 months. Here are some of my stats:

Age: 18
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 165lb
Squat: best was last week, 235 for 4x5, not sure about max
Deadlift: best was yesterday, 245 for 6x3, don’t know about max
Bench: 165 for a triple (probably not too relevant for VJB, but whatever)
My VJ is about 30 inches; I can get my eyes in line with an 8 foot ceiling and I can dunk a volleyball (not a basketball because I can’t palm it). In high school track I long jumped and triple jumped (19’11" and 41’1.75" respectively).

I’ve heard from several people that when you’re starting out, squatting will help your squat go up and deadlifting will help your deadlift go up. Right now, this is what I usually do:

Monday- bench + accessory movements (incline db bench, skullcrushers, etc.)
Wednesday- squat + accessory movements (Bulgarian split squat, lunges)
Saturday- deadlift + accessory movements (single leg deadlifts, db rows, pull ups)

I think that if I can get a day on the track I would make the transition into a VJB program more easily.

Sorry for the long post, but do you guys think I should just continue this until I’ve had some more experience with the deadlift?

Thanks a lot,