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Training Ban


I want to start an international ban on weightlifting gloves and the "maxi Pads" that are used to wrap a bar for squats.

Who's with me...?


can we also ban bench-shirts or whatever they are?


are you a communist ?


Bench shirst definitely have their place in training, unlike the beforementioned shit...

I throw away every "maxi pad"that I see at my gym and they keep buying new ones.


No, those have a real use.

Pads on the bar off-set the center of gravity substantially, and gloves do just about nothing.

If you need padding on the bar, use a sting ray.

I'm with you.


No, too many things are already banned.




other things that I want banned.

baggy bodybuilding pants circa 1980's
ex. - TMichael bodybuilding gear. You know who you are...

spandex on anyone that brings to mind kittens fighting under a blanket.

The weightlifting belt worn as a fashion accessory. Never to be taken off even during cardio.

Any product that has Weider on it..

I'm sure I will have more after my workout today.



OK, I guess I meant ban bench shirts in competition. Seeing guys on tv walking around with their arms horizontal b/c they can't lower them and competing that way... man, lame.


no, but my favorite color is red....
any other questions?


Heavy squatting will put thick strong legs and a healthy backside on a woman. If it takes gloves and puss-pads to get the ladies under a barbell, I say we keep 'em around if that's what it takes.


then don't compete in an equipped meet. They have RAW events for folks like you...

I take a dump RAW....


Agreed! Hey- wouldn't NASCAR be so much more exciting if the driver had to push a stockcar around the track at heart-stopping speeds approaching 4 mph. It would so much safer. Tires would last for ever. It would be much better for the environment and way less noisy.


Shamefully, I must confess to using gloves. My gym has very smooth bars and prohibits chalk (I even got yelled at for liquid chalk). Thus, gloves are useful when doing deadlifts. I'd rather look a bit like a pussy for wearing gloves than to miss a pull because my hands are sweating.

However, if your gym permits chalk, then by all means get rid of gloves.


I couldn't give a shit less about what other people use.


how on earth di dthey catch you for the liquid chalk?


Ignorance. I love it.


how would you enforce this ban ?


I don't use chalk (don't know if it's permitted or not) or gloves, yet still fare well with deadlifts. Maybe you have SPS (Sweaty Palm Syndrome) :wink:


I'll concede that point, but does that mean we can legally call the males who use this gear, women?