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Training Back with Shoulder Injury

I injured the rear side of my shoulder somehow while doing weighted underhand chin ups with a 45lbs kettle bell chained to my waist. Ever since it has been very painful to do any kind of pull from overhead… lat pull downs and pull ups are extremely difficult even with little weight and body weight. I still have full strength and no pain while doing any kind of row variation from the horizontal plane… even from a high-row hammer strength machine. As the weeks have gone by the the overhead pulls have become less painful but i am still no where near fully recovered. My question is will i result in a muscle imbalance or lose back width from training back only from the horizontal plane of motion for the next few months? Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

No you won’t have a muscle imbalance. In fact, horizontal pulling is much better for shoulder health than vertical pulling is. If anything, you may improve your posture and really help set up your shoulders for success.

Yes, you may lose some back width, but honestly, in my opinion, it’s a lot easier to build some width from just doing some chinups and lat pulldowns than it is to build some serious thickness from lots of rowing and upper back work. Focus on this, and your lats will still get worked, and you’ll still build enough muscle to have a decent physique. Building the traps and other muscles of the upper back do a lot to improve someone’s overall appearance.

Figure out what’s up with your shoulder, and everything else is going to be just fine in the meantime.

Thanks dude, my mind is a little more at ease now. Appreciate the insight

Check out these lat-intensive rows.

This video isn’t great but every other video with Charles Glass showing these is like 20 minutes long.