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Training Back, DL Assistance 2 Days in a Row



basically did kroc rows, overhand and underhand rows, pullups, weighted pullups, speed pulls YESTERDAY and i want to go and hit back again today. Help or harm?


Why would you do it?


just out of impatience and boredom :confused:


If you can't give a good answer as to why you would do something regarding your training, then don't do it.


What Liquid said - think hard about WHY you are doing things - don't jsut do them cause so-and-so does them, or, even worse, read it on the internet.

Also - if you go really heavy on all those exercises you listed in the first post, I don't see how you don't feel like a truck ran over you the day after...


Do you realize how fucking awesome this is?


decided to take a day off haha, thanks


If you really just gotta do something then why not just some GPP? Sleds, tires, sandbags, sledgehammer, body-weight circuits, hill sprints... the list goes on...

And it'll actually help you instead of grind you into the ground (assuming the intensity and length of cardio is appropriate).

I had a shitty day at work today and was completely wired and agitated as shit but I just did a full body workout yesterday so instead of hitting the gym again I went for a bike ride.

The cardio helps increase my ability to recover and more importantly my health... I'm not getting stronger if I'm dead from a heart attack lol.




It's something I say to the kids I coach that gets them to actually think about why they're doing something (high school kids don't really think, they simply act). Figured it was relevant here.


Go heavier/more volume next time so you'd rather stay in bed the next day than do more back work


Staving off impatience by beating up your body with even more volume/weight than you may be capable of recovering from isn't likely to work out so well either. That's like saying "but bro, I'm not getting a workout unless I'm sore!". I think the lesson here is to be mature and smart about ones training. There are times to increase volume and weight, and there are times not to. Because someone is bored and lacks patience is usually a bad reason for doing something/justifying something.