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Training Back Day After Biceps?


I am trying to get back into training after a long period of being stagnant. Although I have trained for years in the past i am in need of some advice bvecause i am currently creating a new workout regiment.

If i workout Biceps one day would it be ok to workout on back the next? Would it effeact the way i pull or how much i can Pull?


I'm not as knowledgable as a lot of other more experienced lifters but I'd suggest hitting back first then biceps later that workout or the next day. Your biceps are a small muscle group and will be recruited for pulling. Might be a bad idea to damage the muscle (ie training) the day before you involve it again in heavy lifting.


i wouldn't even bother training biceps or triceps, unless they're a real weak point for you. they get enough work during your pulling and pushing movements. you could just incorporate more back work. but if you're going to train biceps, do them after your back workout. if you do underhand pulling work, you'll probably find that your biceps are going to get worked as well.


I would wager for many, hitting back might tire the biceps. And if your form is off, you might be doing more of a bicep-workout in some of the back sets.

I would put any heavy compound workouts before isolated smaller muscles, this includes the day of the week, and usually the exercises per workout.


^ That's the best way to keep your arms a soft 14-16" :slightly_smiling:

OP - if you want to risk an injury, or at least have sub-optimal back growth, train your back after weakening the biceps. What's the reason for that order anyway?


This is a really bad post, honestly horrible

If you disaggree then post pics

Someone who can get arm development from doing back sucks at working back.

As for the OP I would do biceps the day after back, not before



You only need to do heavy pulls, heavy presses and squats to build the best physique possible... Just ask Ronnie, Jay, Phil, Branch, Arnold, RougeVampire, Zyzz etc...


thank you gregron...
...As you can see, there is no ?bicep curls? or any direct arm work involved because your arms will be indirectly trained over time...arms grow just by following the Starting Strength routine. -mark rippetoe
the guy knows a little something about lifting weights, which is something bodybuilding entails. arms can grow with indirect work. that's all i'm saying.


I think you'll find gregron was being sarcastic lol

There's a little clue in that program you mentioned - it's called starting strength (not how to look like a bodybuilder). Also, it's just for starters; only to be done something like 3-6 months while newbie gains come very quickly.


This is hilarious.


chuck norris doesnt do bicep curls.


I'm interested in these huge biceps that are developed from doing back work. hell i must be wasting my time all these months doing direct arm work to make my arms grow.


Why do you assume he knows anything about bodybuilding? This is absolutely 100% awesome advice you are giving...if you are happy looking like Rippetoe.

But honestly, if your arms are bigger than 14" (with proof) then I will put on a pink leotard and post a video on youtube and TNation of me dancing in it.

Sorry that some of us strive for better than the words of some author who is not big, strong, or lean.



its funny when i saw his initial regurgitation of a riptoe article he read, the first thing that came into my mind was 14 inch arms lol. His arms could be bigger but maybe a lot of fat from galons of milk, because everyone who reads that book auto assumes theyre a hardgainer


Your posts really bug me lately! I know this quote isnt soley aimed at Rippetoe but is more generalised of internet gurus. But if you check out http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Mark_Rippetoe youll notice that his lifts and physique were far from terrible.

Though I agree that you are best served listening to someone that trains the people you are trying to emulate. Rippetoe is a strength coach not a bodybuilding coach.

Personally OP I dont see much problem with your idea unless you have really poor mind muscle connection with your back and end up using arms too much.


Really? lol...what else have I posted that bugged you?


try using straps for your back work to reduce biceps activation.

everyone needs direct bicep work to a degree, BB's do it to build big arms, and powerlifters long ago realized the importance of direct bicep work in preventing elbow/tendons injuries.


one recently in the nutrition forum and a few others Ive seen all over the show. A lot of what you have said seems to be based on information read rather than exeperienced. No disrespect intended.


Thats just how the internet is man