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Training at 'Strong N' Shapely' in NJ this Saturday


I don't usually post up these sort of Muscle Meet n Greet things, but an East Coast bodybuilding apparel company that pushes/supports natural bodybuilding ("All Natural Options") is having a 'Train with (Natural) Pros' event this Saturday (April 9th) at Bob Bonham's gym in East Rutherford, NJ. They're going to have giveaways, contests, and I would imagine a bunch of their clothing line available (I've got a couple of the shirts, and for a relatively new/small operation, they're pretty slick).

It's scheduled from 12 - 5pm, and Bob's letting anyone who shows up train for free, which is damn cool because if you've never gotten a chance to see this gym, it's truly one of the last huge hardcore gyms still around.

Anyway, I figured if anyone from the area was going to be training anyway, it'd be damn cool to meet up and shoot the sh-t.

And Yes, I am one of the "Pros" -lol, so you guys can pick my brain all you want, please just let me get my own training session done and eat something first :slightly_smiling:



Pretty dang cool, wish I had an opportunity like this. If they ever make it out to the midwest let me know!


Sounds great. You up for some PWO wings & beer at the Railroad Cafe across the street?


I saw the gym tour they posted on their youtube page, the gym looks incredible good to hear there and still places like this left and supporting the BB community.


Never seen that many dumbbells in one gym before. I'll be there for sure.


Lol, if I weren't 6 weeks out of a pretty serious contest, I'd so be down for wings!



Maybe next time when you're bulkan.

Any idea as to what time you plan to start your training session? I'd like to hopefully pick up some good habits.


I'm gonna shoot to get there around 12/12:30 ish. I know a few other pros are coming, most notably (at least in my book) Shaun Clarida, who is just a damn beast, and someone I really respect a hell of a lot. Also, Joe Franco (very accomplished Natty comeptitor/trainer) is scheduled to give a short posing seminar, so that should be informative as well (sure I could pick up a few pointers!)



That sounds cool. Is there an itinerary posted somewhere? I live close by but Saturdays are always hectic. I'm considering joining that gym based on feedback from friends, so I'd like to check it out as well.


I will do my best to swing by and meet you, hopefully.


I don't know if there's an actual Itinerary, but you could probably shoot an email through the company's web site or facebook page (ANO - All Natural Options).

As far as the gym, I've trained there on several ocassions over the years, and it makes me wish I lived nearby.



damnit... now im really tempted to make the 3 hour drive lol


Stu is the Man!

I had the privledge of training and talking with Stu for about 2 hours at one of the best bodybuilding gyms on the planet, Strong & Shapely.

Not only is Stu down to earth and knowledgeable, he's truly one of the nicest guys I've ever met and had a chance to train with. He was helpful on every set, giving tips and tricks to maximize muscle recruitment and performance. I look forward to training with him next time he's out here and hopefully making a few trips out to his home gym in Queens.

As you can see from the pic, Stu is huge and still is looking full even in the last weeks of pre-contest mode only being 6 weeks out from his next show.

Best of luck on the contest Stu and I will be shooting you an email soon as we discussed.


Stu has that handshake pose locked down tight! lol looking huge man


He better have it down, as we all know, its the most important pose of all


Lol, hey, it's pretty funny for me to see myself on the 'other' side of that pose! I've got shots of me and Yates, me and Martinez, me and Priest, Francious... all in the 'mandatory pro' pose :slight_smile:

Seriously though, it was a good time Saturday. If you guys ever have the chance to train at this gym, it will boggle your mind. Even the pics on the walls. We're talking about photos of competitors going back to the early 70's, and most likely even further than that. I've always been a big fan of the sport, so just walking around the place (which takes a while!) and seeing how many BBers I could name just got me all fired up, thinking about how I, as a current competitor, was sort of somehow tied into this long history.

As far as the meet n greet, there was actually a lot of folks who showed up! Deadlift contest, Seminars, Raffles (wouldja believe I won a raffle? -lol).

Makes me think though, that if this is more of a central location for some serious T-Folk, I'd be very down to get together sometime this summer (ACTrain and I both tried to get some get-together going last year in Manhattan, but it just never materialized).



I would be in for that.


Stu, make it happen!


Stu, make it happen!


greatta indeed,I wish not to be 10,000 miles far LOL