Training at Night - Change of Work Shift

Hi everybody
I just changed my work shift and will have to workout at night (around 7pm)
I used to workout during lunch break but some days I will have to switch for a night workout.
I did it 2 days ago and I felt like shit. No energy at all. Sleepy and weak as fuck and I could not lift jack.
A few questions:

  • How long does it take to "condition " your body / biorhythm to train at night?
  • Do you think that in those days when I train nights trowing a very quick and light (like 15-20 min) workout in the morning would be beneficial ? I mean just to have some blood flowing (I am asking this because I have a desk job and I sit in front of a computer a lot, so I was wondering if a little exercise could help me to wake up my body)
    Thanks everybody in advance for feedback/answers!

I train at night (starting at 9pm at the earliest, 11pm at the latest) every day except the weekends because the gym closes at 8. I prefer it over any other time of the day. What I do (this may not help you):
I drink a cup or two of coffee, sipping it starting an hour before I train
I eat dinner around 630 or 7. Nothing immediately before
Some days, you’re going to have to just suck it up and train. Some days are going to be rough because you might not have eaten enough or work a long ass day, but just get what you need done.

Training at different times seems to take a couple of weeks to fully adjust from my perspective. Just take your time and try not to get too frustrated from bad training days. They’ll pass. They always do.

As far as training before work, you can do it. Just start with VERY minimal work (light shit, machines, light dumbbells, body weight, sleds, etc) and see if it impedes recovery much or at all. Again, it’ll take a few weeks to adjust. Good luck man

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I train at whatever time works for me. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just go in and put in the work. As long as over time your reps or weight increases on lifts you’ll be all good.

That’s the key right there! Just get in and do the work no matter what. I have plenty of weeks where I might end up eating like 1000 calories for a few days in a row, and yes feel much weaker in the gym, but just go in and get your reps in.

I think it’s good to train your body in all sorts of conditions. In my short term I’ve learned the iron game is as much mental as it is physical.


This is about as close to gospel as it’ll ever get, especially when you’re a shift worker.


thanks guys, I will try that out and give some feedback!