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Training at Home


Just bought a nice home gym. Lifting at 5 AM is all together different than lifting after work.

Especially on leg day...

Strongly considering a stand alone lat tower/cable rower.


only problem about working out at home, to me, was too many distractions.

i feel 'all about the business' when i'm at the gym.

plus, in a strange way, i am motivated by some of the jerks at the gym.


BTW you have a nice rack!


No shit. I've had to work out in the garage for the last few months due to my wife's schedule. I can't very well tell my little kids to stay in the house and watch TV while I go workout. So I open the garage doors and they play in the drive. Of course, every 10 seconds its "Look what at this, Daddy." Nothing like being mid squat and hearing your kid scream in pain because she just took a header off of her skateboard. In between sets, I end up playing and my 50 minute workout ends up being close to 2 hours.


I find I'm far more consistent working out at home when i can just walk down the hall than I was when I had to drive to the gym.


I also way prefer working out at home. Its one less excuse not to go to the gym because you're tired or you've got to get up early or something when all you have to do is walk across the hall and start lifting.

I don't have any kids though, i could see them complicating the lifting at home situation. Hell the dogs are bad enough.


Get rid of the kids by playing music they don't like very loud... :wink:


eventually we are going to put up a garage with an upstairs and enough space for 2 vehicles, a workout area, and mechanics/work bench...after I finish the redesign and retaining wall in the front yard.
that way I can still hit the weights a bit at night if something comes up on training day, keeping me from going to workout at the gym...but I wouldn't completely give up my gym workouts. I'd have to have the space and funds to build my own private workout facility in order to have access to the stuff I want to work out on.
plus, it's nice to get away for 45-60 minutes to workout and get time for yourself without distractions...very little distracting eye candy at my gym.


I just got a power rack in my basement. Will be adding a reverse hyper hopefully, and dumbells. Nice to drive to the gym 2 days a week instead of 5.


I like going to the gym for the motavation, but I stay away on Mondays and Tuesdays because it's so crowded. I have my own gym in my basement that has every thing you need. Leg press machine, squat rack, lat pulldown,flat and incline bench, Dumbells from 15 to 100s etc... The great thing about working out at home is never having to wait to use a piece of equipment.


I always work out at home...I have just about everything one would need...I don't get distracted in my home gym like I do @ the com. gym so I focus more on my work-out instead of having to stare people down that look at me crazy....Latz said it best!

By the way where the hell is LATZ?


I sometimes miss the gym, but I'm glad to be able to be at home with my equipment. I have everything that I would ever use at the gym (all free weights with a few cable systems an eliptical), but I do miss laughing at the morons that use improper form and bounce shit off their chest.

I also miss the looks I get when I'm doing some crazy Ian King shit.

~ jackzepplin


I love the rack, it looks quite versatile.
I trained at home before, but prefer the gym so i have a spotter. I cant go nearly as hard without a spotter, just maintain.
Good luck,