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Training at home

I’ve recently begun working out at home and I have two questions to ask the forum. 1. Besides pullups, one-arm row, and bar rows what are some good exercises I can do without a pulldown machine?
2. How do those of you who work out at home avoid the distractions and stay motivated?

Bench pull-overs.

As to avoiding distractions: Actually, it’s easier. I can control the music (I prefer none), I do my workouts when every one else in the house is asleep. Don’t have to work in with any one else, don’t have to put the weights away if I don’t want to. No one is giving me a “spot.” Maybe I’m just wierd in that I have no problems with focus at home.

Stay motivated? How do I avoid overtraining is more like it. Ever since I put some home equipment in it has been hard as hell to resist the urge to play with it every idle minute. As to your question, you should have been doing pullups and rows INSTEAD of pull-downs to begin with.

Hang cleans; reverse push ups.

bent rows, pull ups and their many variations are pretty much all you need. the 1 arm DB rows are definately fun to sub in. thats all you need bro

All the previously mentioned exercises are great. I like cleans and snatches with both barbells and dumbells (kb’s are good if you have the money).

As far as distractions go. If the weight room is a priority then make it one. I usually work out right after class(I’m in college) before work. If people distract me I let them KNOW (you meant people, right). Basically everyone learns that I don’t bullshit when I’m training. Unless your hurt or dead dont bother me. Guess what happens? Everyone learns not to interrupt my workout.

Get Bill Pearl’s book getting stronger. It has tons of back exercises. And it’s only 20 bucks. Well worth the info.

Snatch grip width deadlifts

deadlifts, reverse grip (Dorian Yates) barbell rows, improvised T- bar rows (using a free barbell)

What Forrester said. Having a good home setup, its quite a challenge not to train 7 days a week, 3 times a day!!