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Training at Home with Limited Equipment


Hello everyone I have recently started a full time construction job and it is taking a toll on my recovery and my wallet driving back and forth to the gym to train myself and my girlfriend on different days due to the fact of our differing work schedules. So I have decided to train at home and I was hoping to see if anyone can help me out with a program with the stuff I have or atleast some reading materials on the stuff...

I have a Olympic Bar with 580lbs so far
Squat Half Rack, a Strongman Pressing Log, No Bench,550lbs trie Sandbags(adjustable in 50lbs increments) Sleds,Numerous odd objects that can be picked off the ground. Access to trucks(from f-150 to just about a 18 wheller lol) and a harness,I train for strongman competitions every other saturday in atlanta where I have access to every strongman implement you can just about think of... So any advice.


It sounds like you can do pretty much anything except bench press. What's the problem?


I agree with malonetd. You have everything you need. I actually invested in a power rack and other assorted equipment a number of years ago when I just couldn't take training at a bullshit commercial gym anymore. It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

As for a program, have you thought about Wendler's 5/3/1? There are 2 threads in Strength Sports dedicated to it and the book ia avaialable for $20 from elite fitness. It might be worth checking out.

Lastly, not that you really need to focus on benching for strongman, but I would recommend floor presses as a good substitute if you can't bench. I had very limited equipment to train with last year when my wife and I were moving. Basically I had a barbell, some plates, adjustable dumbbell handles and an adjustable bench so I really could't bench effectively either.

I would load the barbell on the floor like I was going to deadlift and kept stacking plates evenly under each side of the barbell until I could slide underneath it. I had to have my wife give me a slight pull since I was starting from the bottom position but it did wonders for my tricep's and lockout strength.


This is good advice, as since I have gotten rid of my rack I have found myself doing this quite a bit. Also by not doing regular flat benches and just focusing on really hammering away at my military press it has gone up a lot. Good luck.


Get yourself Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubrik.


Ok thanks guys I will look into both 5-3-1 and dinosaur training