Training as Olympic Lifters Do

Anyone gotten far with this? Few assistance exercizes, close to none hypertrophy training, focus on max speed and explosivity, few reps, high frequency. ?


I’ve done it before and got stronger. I’m doing it now with better programming. I haven’t gotten far with it lol seeing as my total would be under 1000 lbs right now, but we’ll see where I’m at in a few months. I think it will work well for me, but I’m not sure how much more difficult it would be for a mroe advanced lifter

I believe there’s a ton of weightlifters that have gotten very very far with it, the only problem is that it takes such a high amount of skill, that you need a coach, and need to start at a young age to really hit good numbers, though I just watched a guy at his first meet do 120/140 today, and he was awesome and can squat 500 ass to grass.

They do hypertrophy work. You might not see it but they work other parts of the body to perform better on their two lifts. You might think they don’t do much hypertrophy because you only see videos of them doing barbell complexes or hitting singles or doubles with their main lifts. They row, press, and squat hella often and a lot. Look at the backs and legs of some of the leaner lifters. You don’t just get that from hitting singles on the snatch.

You’re totally right, the chinese do bodybuilding every day, as do the russians