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Training Around Work

I am doing 531 for powerlifting. usually do it 4 times a week. Just got an opportunity for a new job though which is 3 weeks up north, then 1 week back home. So i only have access to a gym during the 1 week per month that im home. Can ANYONE help me find a way to train like this? I know progress will be slow. Should i do pushups / situps / chins during the 3 weeks im away at work?


Not every question has an answer bud. There is no way, plain and simple. Some bodyweight strength work is probably a good idea in general if you truly can’t find access to a barbell 2x/week, but i wouldn’t think of it as a replacement. If it was 3 weeks on/1 week off you’d have a good shot, but 1 on/3 off, that’s not workable.

Nope, you can’t. Not unless you have a barbell and access to enough weight to meet you %s.

You can still design a decent program. Hopefully you can bring dumbells and add various bodyweight excerises, but there is no “variation” of 5/3/1 without using the barbell and doing the program as written.

Just re-adjust your goals and focus.

you could possibly bring a bar and weights with you. They make shorter bars and olympic db handles too

If I were you I would aim for strength maintenance during the week back.

Aka, do body weight lunges, chins, push-ups while away and come back and do both the “3/3/3” and the “5/3/1” weeks back to back, e.g., Bench press 3/3/3 and then 5/3/1 right after.

you won’t get stronger but I’ve found 1/month can maintain strength nicely if complemented by other physical activity.

Not ideal but you must find a way.

your other choice is to focus on other physical areas you can improve for awhile (mobility, conditioning, endurance). I know a few guys who have been sent to the NWT/Yukon for 6-7 months and used the time to become better runners. If you are into MMA, maybe a good opportunity to run some hand/speed/footwork drills :confused:

you won’t be doing 5/3/1 but that’s what’s on the table right now. I’ve taken breaks from 5/3/1 when life demanded it, don’t worry, it’s always there for you when you get back.

Here are some ideas for ya in the cold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywjx3_7hqXc :stuck_out_tongue: