Training Around Torn Up Knee

Long story short blew my knee out (ACL rupture + Miniscus tear) and don’t want to be a lazy shit and eat percs and play video games all day. I been benching twice a week(3/5/1) with some assistance work (dips,pull ups, db rows, pushdowns, floor ab work), and was just curious for some ideas to stay as active as possible since I know squats,pulls,and sprints are pretty much off the table.

Thanks in advance.

looks alright, I would add pullovers and an arm ergometer for cardio. Dont have one? Grab a stool, flip your bike upside down, sit down, get pedalling. It looks stupid, but believe you will feel it and can work up a decent BPM.

One legged leg press for the other leg is an idea, contralateral benefits from unilateral training is well established (the leg you dont use will get a little stronger too).

I assume you are going to have surgery done?

Yep surgery is a definite. I had to pull out of my fight comming up due to my injury. Been doing basic PT to maintain/gain ROM and some strength post injury. Gained 15lbs just from going from 6days of training twice a day, to just 2 days of upper body work. Not sure if I can ride a stationary bike,but i have one of those machines at my gym and I definitely will check it out.

I was also thinking about single leg presses,curls,and extentions too. Maybe light reverse hypers and back extentions if I can get away with it. Thanks alot for the ideas btw.

I had the same injury and took the advice to do single leg work and it really messed me up in the long run because my non injured leg gained alot of size and strength. It took me almost a year and a half to get my legs to be balanced again, and in that time I could hardly run without my back locking up from running on one toothpick leg and one strong leg.

Also after surgery in PT I had a real hard time getting my hips parallel because it was so easy just to keep my weight on the good leg. Not saying its wrong to do it at all just sharing my experience.