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Training Around Holidays


I go on holiday in 2 weeks where I won't have access to a gym, so intend to just do 3 sessions of bodyweight exercises using the playground equipment and a little creativity. The problem i have is I have just come finished program and was wondering what sort of program would be best for these last 2 weeks.. after the week away i am back for barely another 2 weeks and then off away for 3 weeks to Asia, so no program can really flow here, so im just stuck wondering what the best thing to do is.

Basically I want to max out how big i can look on the beach/in the sun from now, but obviously without cutting, which would just be innapropriate.


This could be a great thing for you if your use to doin prorammes eg4-6 weeks, the little muddle of programmes over the next 6 weeks will be a good mix up for the body as long as you use the same programme for when your away total of 3 weeks and the same for when your a home just so you have some consistancy otherwisw your body will get to confused with no chance of adaption thus no progresion thus not much in gain.

I myself went to rome for 2 weeks and did full body training with mainly bodyweight and some with additional weight, the trick is to use whatever you can for additional weight, at one point i was using my own suitcase for weight and even the furniture in the hotel room. Here it is.

3 times a week.
Chin ups
Deasdlift with loaded suitcase
bench press used a tablbe for this but you can do push ups.
Sissy squats (doesnt mean your a sissy)
Shoulder press used loaded suitcase
bodyweight tricep dip (between two beds or chairs add additional weight if you choose).
Close grip chins using biceps negative only (OUCH)
Single leg calf raises with additional weight in opposite hand.
Standard crunches
Lying hyperetentions.(Lower back)

There you go a full body workout 3 times a week, its not a split because your on holiday and your nutritinal levels may go down and alcohol levels may go up, saying be as intense as you wish, ill leave it to you to pick your sets and reps and rest times.

This programme should certainly maintain what you have a maybe een give you ore gain, the thing to remeber is that its diffrent and the body like diffrent things weather it be weight reps,sets,rest.

Hope this all help anything further give post me.


That last post would be best for when you away but what to do before then would be to hit your compound moves, bench press, squat, deadlift, shoulder press tricep dip or close grip bench press, barbell curl and go heavy on these but use form dont compensate form for weight. To be honest you may not get much more size in just two weeks but its the best advise i would give as you ll be moving max weight.

That programme i gave you for when your away you would probably better off doing high reps to get that pump so when you hit that beach youll be blown up.
Do hope this all help any questions or feedback let me know.


Theres some interesting suggestions there for when i’m away, thanks! The first week away i will be able to take whey protein with me and hopefully take advantage of the buffet breakfast and dinners to eat near to enough over that week.

I’m tempted to focus on bringing up my main lifts a little in the two weeks, with added intense work every at the end of every session for arms and calfs.


Your welcome buddy!Sounds like a good plan increasing weights on your big lift,there are never a bad idea especialy for increasing overall size any more questions bud give me a shout and ill do my best to answer them.


You could try Poliquin’s Super-Accumulation Program. Essentially it is planned over-training for two weeks allowing you to gorge yourself on holiday whilst you recover and grow