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Training Around Freshly Sprained Ankle ...

Ok, firstly, compared to some of the other posts, I know a sprained ankle is a wussy injury compared to the guy who tore his MCL … But I’ve been through some potentially career ending injuries (I’m a professional dancer, 15 years…) and to quote Bill Clinton, “I feel your pain…”

But I’m midway through CT’s Hypertrophy Training program and I’m getting great results. So if anyone who’s gone through really badly sprained ankle, and continued to successfully trained, and is willing to share how, I’d be very greatful and way less cranky to all the people around me!

Thanks a million guys, and see under the barbell …


I can’t think of anything you can do other than upper body stuff. Anything you do with your lower body will only hinder you. It’s just a negative thing to do.

I’m sure it’ll be OK in a few days…or by now, as you likely posted this some time ago.

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I’m starting to think that maybe you’re not Macgyver at all…[/quote]

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This is what i really look like.



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Ankle sprains are a bee-yotch to deal with. The approach to manage it differs depending on things like - how long ago you sprained it, if you have visible bruising and swelling, type of swelling (pitting vs. non-pitting edema), the grade of the sprain, location of the injured tissue (i.e. anterolateral, lateral, posterolateral, etc.)…

If you are interested in some more specific help, PM me or email me. Otherwise, here are some general tips that might help:

  1. Manage the pain and swelling first. Until you are pain free (without moving or using your foot) and the swelling is all but gone, you’re stuck.
  2. Work towards pain free non-weight bearing range of motion in all planes.
  3. Work towards pain free weight bearing range of motion in all planes.
  4. Increase local and relatively local muscular endurance (foot and lower leg).
  5. Increase stabilization of ankle.
  6. Progressive return to full weight bearing exercise.

Hope this was helpful!

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