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Training Around Broken Finger


Yesterday my left index finger was broken. It was a compound fracture, and it looks like I will be having surgery Friday to put in a pin or wires. Initial estimates are I will be in a cast for 6-8 weeks.

Needless to say, the lost training time is really bothering me, but I am looking for ways to still train during my recovery. I will be in a cast half way up my left forearm, so I will be limited in what I can do.

I rarely use any form of machine, but I'm thinking I will be doing lots of machine work and zercher squats for lower body. For upper body, I am going to try to use some machines, and also am going to try to rig up something so I can attach cables to my forearms and do so curls, pressdowns, flyes, etc.

I have been doing mainly powerlifting and olympic lifting over the past few years, so this will be a lot different for me.

Any other thoughts on exercises? Think some unilateral work on right side would be of use?

This is driving me crazy. Any help appreciated.


Two posts...and you're posting in the bodybuilding forum with the name "Tyler Durden". I find it ironic because that's the type that gets gets flamed quite often on here. Don't just train your right arm you'll get a huge imabalence.


i jamed my thumb playing baseball last year and it swelled up like a bitch. i lifted two days later with it taped and it fucking hurt like hell. i later on went 2 the doc's to get a xray and figured out it was broke. i got like a velcrow cast and could still lift with it but the pain was brutle


I tore my rotator cuff about a month ago and have pretty much just been doing squats since then.


i worked through a broken ring finger. i worked out the day after it broke and then the day after surgery. i used some wraps so that i could "hold" the bar. i dont knoww what you can do, but i do know it sucks. good luck to you..


I worked through ripping my right nail off after smashing it between two dbs. I ripped it off out of the bone. (the worst pain I have ever experienced) they sewed it back on it required 20 shots of novacaine and 15 stitches.


so 10 sets of ten with some type of hammer press, and machine row.

10 sets of 10 with
leg press or hack squat and leg curls.

machine , arm curl (strive is best here)
and some comfortable tricep movement.

I did chest back


all on different days.

I actually put on muscle this way.