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Training Around Awkward Work Schedule


Im about to start a new job where ill be working from 12-8 mon-fri its great after being off for a long time. Im just worried about trainin as ill be walking the vast majority of the time so if i train in the mornin im concerned about bein too tired in the evening. Should i go lighter til i figure it out or has anyone any suggestions i've been working hard getting my lifts up just worried the numbers will drop a lot


I think that you will probably be fine training in the morning. I would definitely prefer training at like 9 or 10 AM to 9 or 10 PM. At first, working out and then walking around/working will probably make you very tired, but I bet your body will adjust quickly and you will be fine after a couple weeks. If you feel like you need to, you could take your workouts a little easier at first to "feel out" the schedule change, but honestly I would just keep training as normal, be prepared that it might be a tiring couple weeks, but if you just keep going your work capacity will increase and you'll be good. The human body is an amazing thing haha, don't doubt it's ability to handle a workload.


you'll be fine. I work 3pm-11pm. I wake up around 8am...train till about 10:30am-11am and nap before work. I find working out before work gives me a good boost of energy throughout the day


I have the same schedule, but I'm a total night owl by nature. So I start my work out between 8:30pm and 10pm. And not only do I walk around a bunch, but I lifting and setting down boxes on the floor and pallets between 30 and 50 pounds. I reduced the back volume at first, but gradually started adding it back in so at this point there isn't any change in my workout. I just make sure to take magnesium to calm my system about 45 minutes before I go to sleep.

Walking... just walking!? I wouldn't scale anything back unless you're just starting working out after a couple or few months lay off from the weights.


Plus if you lift in the morning before work you can still take caffeine


Morning training definitely. I can't imagine a squat session after 8 hour work day...the minds just not there anymore, for my anyway.


that sounds like my ideal work schedule! be consistent about going to bed by 10pm, and you'll get tons of time to train and do other stuff in the morning


I can't imagine a squat session without the workday & meals prior.......



Expect more from yourself.


I used to work 7a-7p and go lift after work. It sucked at first, but you get used to it.