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Training Around a Teres Strain

Strained my right tere major two weeks while doing farmers walk(supposed to be speed sets with 220lb . Dont ask me how I got it…) A sports physio ran a battery of tests and concluded it was my tere major, I thought it was my lat at first.

Can’t do front squats(I tried doing with 135lb and it hurts, now I know why people say the upper back is strongly activated during front squats), deadlifts(enough said).

Would like to seek opinion if good mornings(hip dominant) and Olympic squats(quad dominant) are good alternatives for my lower body training routine now? Is the tere major strongly involved in these two lifts?



just run it through this checklist:

does it hurt your injury?
is it a quad dominant or hip extension dominant compound movement?
can you LOAD it heavy?

I’m sure you can find something

just don’t give up and sit on the leg press

If you can do good mornings and have a solid base of strength and muscle around the lumbar area, I feel they would be your best option. Heavy good mornings are a brutal exercise.

Just basically don’t give up, be aggressive, make a reasonably smart choice, and follow it through with conviction. Much better doing this with less than optimal exercise selection than being flaky and inconsistent with the best options.