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Training Around a Pec Tear


I finally got my diet in check to start leaning down. I'm around 20% body fat right now.

I tore the sternal head of my left pec 3 months ago and I'm getting surgery in 3 weeks.
The doctor said I would be off from pressing for 3 months after surgery.
I don't want to just do nothing the next 4 months.

How do I go about using this time that I have before I'm able to lift again?

Should I just train my lower body as hard as I can the next 4 months and diet to lean down?
Something like this:

Before surgery:
Squats, DL, pull-ups, arm work, interval cardio

After surgery:
Leg press, Leg machines, interval cardio

A couple of months after surgery I'm going to gradually start to add arm work, pull-ups, and pushups back in until I can do pressing again.

Does that look ok.

Any advice would be really appreciated.



I think this is a tough question to answer without putting you at risk of further injury. Any injury requiring surgery is obviously pretty serious. Even doing machine work, when you get up to the heavier weights you’ll find you need to hold yourself in position. This can cause a lot of tension in your upper body, including the pectoral area. Without knowing how much pressure you’re going to be allowed put on your chest I don’t think it would be safe for us to suggest programs.

Go back and talk to your doctor or a physiotherapist who specialises in sports injury and get their advice and come back when you have more info. Also try asking in the Authors Locker Room or Christian Thibaudeau forum as they might be able to advise you better.