Training Around a Partial Pec Tear

About 4 months ago I suffered a partial tear in my pec major tendon. (I have had MRI/US done)

I still do not feel comfortable benching a sufficient load.
Of course cable crossovers or any kind of flyes feel even more dangerous and unnatural.

I have been doing a series of isometric squeezes.

Has anyone been through this?
Are there still ways to stimulate the pec?

Thanks for any help or advice

I partially tore my right pec. I still have a quarter-sized gap in it after 4 years.
I did the Starr Rehab Protocol. Basically starts you with the bar and goes up from there. It was written for muscle belly tears but it’s a valid method.
In my opinion, if your Dr has cleared you, it’s time to work on it

Dis mane. If you’re doctor/surgeon/other medical professional has cleared you then it’s time to get back into things. If you don’t have it go get a follow up

Restore full range of motion then drop back to near nothing and gradually increase loading and workload. Probably start light Dumbbells just to be safe.