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Training Around a Hand Injury

Looking for advice please.

I have recently suffered a serious injury to hand breaking all fingers in multiple places and having to have an amputation of the middle finger.

I have been told that I am ok to train as there is now no worries about BP bursting stitches or whatever but I am still and will be for a while unable to hold anything in my one hand

I have started legs again (no excuses) but am just wondering whether there is anything around or any good articles/materials available that I can look at.

Anything is appreciated

Sorry about your hand. I hope this won’t affect your livelihood.

You can get one of those “sleeves” that you hang out of the power rack to do hanging leg raises. You can slide your upper or lower arm through there, attach it to your cable/pulley stack and kinda chicken wing your arm around.

Sounds like you should take some rest first, untill you can use both of your hands again properly. Light farmer’s walks might be good for regaining strength in the hand and forearm.