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Training Arms in a Full Body Program?

hi, i’m still doing full body and i would like your advice on my prog.

i training with this one: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/total-body-training

i change the exercice and the order day by day but i will just show u the choice of my exercices:

monday 5x3

Bench press
pull up
stiff leg deadfit
military press machine
one isolation for back or chest it depend the day

wenesday 8x3

Bench press with dumbbell
Front squat
a machine for hamstring
machine shoulder
isolation back or chest

friday 15x3

leg press 45°
neutral pullup
stiff leg deadfit
shoulder barbell
isolation back or chest

So i change all of the time the order,somethime i start by leg and so on. The problem i don’t try my arms, and they are late i know, even bc i have “long arms” so … in the begining i say " i will training them in a other day, a special day for my arms, but i was lazy "

if i training them in the last of my session, i get some fear that my training will be to long (8 exercices ) i f i training my arms.
And i would like the view from people who training also in a full body workout, if it is enough to have 1 exercice for biceps and 1 for triceps ? if they improve their arms well like that ?

Also if we don’t training with a (split) if their body got some good harmony ?


You’ve already got indirect arm training through your pushes and pulls. If you’re doing zero direct arm work, and they’re lagging, start with the minimum effective dose-one set of each-and see how they respond. One straight set using double progression would be a good starting point.

" You’ve already got indirect arm training through your pushes and pulls "

completely agree with that.

" start with the minimum effective dose-one set of each-and see how they respond. One straight set using double progression would be a good starting point. "

Minimum effective so i add one exercice for biceps and triceps, and look how they progress.

"One straight set using double progression would be a good starting point. "

iam not sure to understand sorry ^^’

That’s not the program. Double-check what the sets and reps are supposed to be. Also, it’s written Sets x Reps. you have it backwards.

That’s also not the program. Follow the plan.

Week 1

Workout 1
Sets: 3
Reps: 5
Rest: 60 seconds between sets
Load: Choose a weight that forces you to near-failure for the last rep of the last set. *

  • This is the recommended load for all workouts.

Workout 2
Sets: 3
Reps: 8
Rest: 90 seconds between sets

Workout 3
Sets: 2
Reps: 15
Rest: 120 seconds between sets

Yes i just make a mistake for the workout 3, it is 2 sets, but the reps are good. 5, 8, 15

I know that they says " 6 exercice " so 4 poly and 2 isolation (single joint), so i will see if one exercice for back or chest will be enough in my evolution.

Deltoids they work enough i guess, so i don’t need to isolate them with a single joint exercice, or only later, if i feel that my deltoids are late.

Hamstrings i prefere work them with stiff leg and change somethime with leg curls, and work in each workout day, because one exercice for the legs it is not enough for me.


1 poly; Bench press/dumbbell/dips
2 poly: squat/front/leg press
3 poly: pullup/pulldown/neutral grip
4 : stiff leg deadfit/leg curl
5: military press/dumbbell/machine
6: curl barbell/spider…/dumbbell
7: triceps barbell/ pushdown

the program say “6” exercices i choice to add one more.

If i choice a single joint for calves or shoulder how i can training completely the arms ? bc they says maximum 6 exercices.

that is the problem, if i choice a single joint exercice for the hamstring that will be the same problem, i will just have one exercice for biceps or triceps, i really think that in my case it is nothing for my arms, i have this fear.

Chad Waterbury knows more about training than you and me combined. Follow the program he designed. It’s “enough” when you consider the entire training week.

Follow. The. Plan.

You don’t know enough to start making your own program or trying to improve a plan that was designed by an expert coach.

At your size, training arms shouldn’t be that big a focus anyway. Again, in the context of the entire week, it’s plenty.

You have nothing to fear when you follow the advice that’s in the program. You don’t need to train arms three days a week. You can use the two isolation exercises for arms in one workout, and use them for hamstrings, calves, or delts in other workouts.

ok ok thank somethime i feel that my arms are not big also because iam not “fat” 1m80 for 73 kilo so…

So i will use one workout for arms, and after calves hamstring, and shoulder delts somethime, i will open a training log when i will start correctly next week.

Just for the lower back/hips, hex bar deadlift is also good ? if i can use it, thx

I’ve never been a fan of full body workouts but they do have their place in training. Why are you doing FB anyway? What are your goals and what are looking to achieve?

i want to be " atheletic " physics and by the capacity, gain some weight, that work for the moment, i burn really faster, so if i training everyday split that will be a bit difficult maybe. Also because after when i will have what i want about weight i want learn a combat sport, so i know also that full body is a good “preparation”

In the comments above you see the issue with messing with a routine before trying it exactly as written for a good amount of time.Time passes and you do not have adequate feedback to see what worked and what not

If you are not comfortable with the prescribed volume, pick a different routine and run it exactly as written.After a while, and I mean a good amount of time, make a post presenting your results and asking about adjusting accordingly

Edit: the response was meant to op, replied to a specific comment by accident

Hey man, this problem was waaaay too complex for me but I know a doctor and a guy who works for NASA and one of the coaches from the Nets so I took it to them. They locked themselves away for a day, no break, no food, no sleep and finally got back to me with some options.

  1. Add some curls to the end of the workout, just about anything will work
  2. Have a fourrh day where you hit the stuff that missed out
  3. Cycle curls in during deloads or as part of your next program
  4. Leave it as is on the small chance that the person who wrote the program is successful enough to find themselves on here and earns money doing this and as such may have a clue what they are doing.

Hope that helps


thank for all of your advices, i will follow correctly the program and will see in the futur, somethime we want a resultat faster that peoples can “see” like arms, that is a mistake i think, just i was lazy to work my arms before, i prefere legs and back aha so i will do the things correctly and lets see