Training Arms Directly, Necessary?

So I really dislike training arms directly lol, is it necessary to train them directly? Or could someone get away with doin like 2 or 3 sets at the end of a workout to kinda let them know who’s boss at the end of the day?

Why do you train?

Then don’t?

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2 or 3 sets of what?

necessary for what?

It sounds like you’re asking if an ‘arms day’ is necessary to grow your arms. It is not. If you’re a bodybuilder, it’s probably a good idea. If you’re a strength athlete (or any other kind of athlete), an arms day is not necessary.

Most people who have big arms will perform direct arm work. I do, following my bigger compound lifts. Like, on a pressing day, I’ll finish with some lateral raises, bicep curls, triceps extensions. A few sets for each. This might be what you’re talking about.

I would say the overall answer is ‘are you seeing the results you want to see in your arms’. If you feel like your arms are lagging, do more arm work. If you are satisfied with the progress you make with arm growth, then you don’t need to make changes.


to let them know who’s boss of course😂


Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own piss?
But I do it anyway, because it’s sterile and I like the taste.


blah blah blah… genetics…
Blah blah… goals…
Blah blah blah… results so far…
Blah blah…

Hope that helps :wink:

(Seriously, you knew the answer before you asked)




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I know you’re kind of joking here… but this could literally be a legit answer to 90% of the Q’s on here.


Maybe I should have submitted it as an article and pursued being a “Fitness author” with all my expertise on the subject :slight_smile:




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Blaha? He trains arms directly.



I train arms directly and probably don’t need to more than most.

I feel it adds density and shape to my arms.

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Whenever I see the word dense, my brain automatically says it in Arnie’s voice.

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I dont think you need to train anything more than most

There you have it kids, if you want arms more like Bauber than your current set, train them directly (with sets of 20 if i remember right)

20 - 30 for arms as they are an extra high rep muscle imo.

And shoot higher guys, my arms lag.

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This made me think of this very funny conversation:


LOL… add me to the list. I hate direct bicep work. But, I do them too cover my bases even if it bores the shit out of me.

People really hate direct bicep work? Lol. I love it. It’s easy and the pump is awesome.