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Training and Work

To every one,

I am a fire fighter over in the UK. Our brigade at the moment allows us to partake in 1 hours worth of training per shift (2days-09:00-18:00, 2 nights-18:00-09:00 then 4 days off). This time was down to the discretion of the Sub Officer on watch. Therefore on our watch used we train first thing each shift in order to gain the benefits of a whole body warm-up that would last for the rest of the shift.

Unfortunately the powers that be have decided to plan our daily routines for us and now suggest that training on days be limited to half and hour 17:15-17:45pm (end of shift) and 23.45-00.15 on nights (before stand down/sleep if possible).

My question is can anybody provide me with the links/ references that support the benefits of training at the start of a working day to get us prepared for the shift ahead and the negative aspects of training just before bed (I get too jacked up if I train before bed).

Any other point would be welcome

I hope this makes sense


this is almost pure confabulation, but seems to me that increased arousal; decreased sleep quality; decreased performance by day…
does that seem about right?

just did a search on pub med for ‘excercise’ and according to sutoo and akiyama

“Exercise leads to increased serum calcium levels, and the calcium is transported to the brain. This in turn enhances brain dopamine synthesis through a calmodulin-dependent system, and increased dopamine levels regulate various brain functions”
so if you could spin jacked up dopamine levels [in rats] to your advantage that could be useful; personally I’d suggest emailing an editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, who might know if any studies supporting your case had been done

hope it goes well sorry i cant give you anything actually useful!