Training and travel

Greetings T-Men! I have a question for John B., Chris.S, all T-staff and T-men. I am an actor and I am dedicated to my training and nutrition and have been for 6 years. And I have done everthing t-style since the begining of it all.I strive to learn ang grow in body, spirit, and mind and will never quit training. My question is that since I am an actor, I somtimes must travel on a moments notice, sometimes in the middle of a training cycle and that worries me because I feel that I might screw up my goals or lose my strength. Trips can be any where from 3 days to 3 months. I feel it is possible to train anyplace if you can locate a gym in that area. But what if its a foreign place that has no gym. Once I’m back though, do I start from where I left off on my cycle or start over again? When I miss a traing day, I start to get worried that I will lose what I have worked so hard for. Training has helped me out so much in my life. It has helped me with my acting and has given me disipline, focus , strength and determination for all things in my life and it keeps me sane.I know I am not alone so please post your suggesstions. STRENTH & HONOR!

If you check the back issues there are several relevant articles which list exercises that you can do anywhere. One is on combat conditioning and is relatively recent.