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Training and Supp. Help

hi everyone, im new to tnation. ive gained 17kilos of fat since september :smiley: alcholol and kfc :smiley: id like to get into the shape i used to have.
http://www.erkutacar.com/erban/1665.jpg like in this photo… a not that skinny though.

anyways, i dont have much knowledge of chemicals so my question is, which T i should take, which anti-E? what else should i take to prevent any side effects? also how hard should i push myself while training??

i was thinking of 250 sustanon a week… i dont want to get too much into chems…

thnx in advance

You need NOT!!! touch any Steroids your seventeen and even with 32 lbs of ROCK hard muscle on the pic you showed you would still need to be NOT touching the juice yet.

Nail a solid diet and training. Learn how to eat and lift after about 5-10 years of consistant gains doing that then ask this ? again.

Bro you at your age are set to make some solid gains if you get serious clean up your act and train hard and eat for your goals.