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Training and Sickness

Hi guys,

I’m getting a bit of a cold and was just curious as to different peoples approach on training with sickness. Do you think its better to keep going to the gym, maybe tone down intensity, or just wait things out?

Just for clarification i’m not talking about coughing up a lung here, just sore throat and general feeling like crap.

I had a cold a few weeks back, I worked out at the same intensity throughout the cold (and pre cold). The only thing I changed was more food and protein intake this way my body doesn’t “have” to work as hard to recover anything from the workouts on it’s own. Suprisingly, at the end of I worked out a bit more intense and my cold went away pretty fast. A lot faster than when I was taking cold medicines and not working out.

I’ve learned that I recover from the cold quicker if I continue to work out with the same intensity.

I agree with the previous posters. If it’s a minor cold, just work through it.

Ironically, I sometimes find that I’m stronger in the gym when I’m sick. I think it has to do with the fact that when I’m sick, I’m usually pissed that I’m sick (How DARE I let myself get sick. RAAAWWRRR). As we know, primal rage = strength.

The only suggestion I have is to keep a box of tissues handy, since you’ll be snorting out a lot of phlegm. And bring lots of water (more than usual, even). You’ll need it.

There is a article that says that you shoud train when you?re sick. well, not if you?re realy bad but if you?re just a bit bad .) . It also says that something enhances your muscle so you are actualy stronger when you?re sick. Cant remember what the article is called .\ .

I hope you get better soon. good luck .)

Fancy that.

I remember reading this article, too. I guess it didn’t click.

I agree with the workout when sick I have come in feeling like a half sucked throat lozenge and after some grunting and sweating getting that blood flowing feel MUCH better. Only ended and left twice from losing my lunch.

That said though I work(ed) out at home at the time so I wasnt infecting the whole damn public gym with my shit. Now in a public gym I dont may do some BW stuff at home and really hope other show me the same as far as not infecting me with there crap.

If it’s just a head cold I work through it if it’s one of those full body colds where you’re completely incapacitated you obviously don’t want to be lifting. My rule of thumb is if I can stand up, I can squat.

If it’s just a mild common cold…I don’t see anything wrong with taking maybe one or two days off your training schedule. 3 days tops…then at least get in and do some maintainance work.

thanks, just went to the gym and sure enough, rather then colapsing in a writhing heap on the floor i actually feel pretty good. Traditionally i’ve just avoided excercise thinking it would do more harm then good while sick.

Remember to wash your hands after you workout!

In my opinion you listen to your body . If you feel like working out, do. If you don?t, don?t