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Training And Sickness, Suggestions?

It seems that whenever i ramp up my training i get sick. It’s not necessarily connected. could be a coincidence.

What do you do when you start to feel those first signs of a bad week? You know; the hint of a sore throat, some congestion, a little more achy than normal.

I usually take vit C or “emergency” or “airborne”, gargle with salt water. and make sure to ramp up my carbs a bit (in theory insulin vs. cortisol right?) and get fruits and veggies, avoid stimulants…umm. i think that?s it. stay warm and drink alot of water

OH yeah. and i usually dont train, seeing how that’s what got me sick. good idea bad idea?

Increasing fish oil, zinc, vitamin c, and magnesium has helped me a lot. Hadn’t had any issues for about a year. Could just be me but you might give it a try…