Training and Serious Illnesses

Not too sure where to put this, and will probably go off on a tangent so apologise in advance. Anyway, im a type 1 diabetic, have been for nearly 2 years. Now ive always been healthy and very driven and passionate about my lifting, i was wondering, after having a really bad low blood sugar today (nearly required hospitalisation) why do I do what i do?

I’ve come to realise that your health is the SINGULAR most important thing to you as a person. Most guys my age don’t appreciate it, and i consider myself lucky that ive learnt such an important life lesson at such an early age.

Right back on topic. When it comes to lifting, and body composition and performance as a whole I have to do a few things differently then your standard joe. Because i don’t naturally produce insulin and have to inject it, i store bodyfat easier, low carbs are a no-no, i need carbs/ simple sugars to keep my blood sugars up due to a busy daily schedule. Carbs peri-workout are a godsend for me. Hypos really effect my training and send my strength levels through the floor (which sucks for people who work so hard to get biggger/stronger/leaner etc…)

there are a lot of positives though, my nutrition has become a hell of a lot better since being diabetic, and ive found its changed me as a person. I know people have it a lot worse then me in life, hell my lifes fairly easy, but this little struggle i have to go through every day, has made me a better person, a stronger one character wise. I want to prove to myself that despite my illness, i will be the best version of that i can, and take control of my own life through my actions, rather then bitch and moan about “what a shitty hand ive been dealt blah blah blah”

I was wondering if theres anyone else here with an illness that trains, who does it effect you? what drives you to do what you do? have you found its changed you for the better? or even the worse?