Training and Nutritional Advice While on ADT

Hi all,

I’m 50 years old. Been active and strength training all my life.

Recently been diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer.
The treatment plan would involve Androgen Deprivation Therapy (Chemical Castration) and Chemotherapy.
Whilst Chemo will be a short term treatment, ADT is likely longer term.

I would appreciate and be grateful to any constructive advice on training program plans and nutritional advice.

Resistance training is essential while on ADT to maintain bone density and prevent excessive sarcopenia.

As most would know Testosterone is protective of Men’s Health. In the absence or less of it, my strength levels would obviously dip with accompanied muscle mass loss. Also health markers like Cardiovascular(lipid profile), diabetes, thyroid function and osteoporosis risk will escalate.

My current base level and starting point is a bodyfat level of 14% BF and strength levels with a 199lb bench, 275lb squat, 165lb military press and 330lb deadlift.
My current body weight is 168lb(76kg) and standing at 172cm.

Post Chemo, how should I structure my training plans and frequency. Loading intensities will definitely drop with very low T levels. What modalities should I explore? Increased volume with light weight, tempo, time under tension, slow negatives?

What nutritional protocols should I adopt to prevent excessive body fat gain, maintain health and wellness whilst fueling training and recovery?
Would intermittent fasting on a ketogenic diet be the best option?
I’ve been told cancer cells feed on glucose and glutamine. Hence my Carb sources will only be restricted to greens and select fruits. Protein has to be kept moderate at about at about 1g/kg of bodyweight.

I would really much appreciate some much needed advice here.

Thank you very much.