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Training and nutrition,

I was wondering if there were any other “over forty” steel movers out there. I think this would make a good thread as alot of us have had to really learn how to fine tune our diets and training regimines. We have dealt with injuries,reduced “T” levels, joint problems, etc., and for some…lowered libido…OUCH! That one’s gotta hurt??? Any input guy’s (or gal’s) ?

Well I close to a old dude 38. I going to
try out the strenght Training for Old Bastards next week.

Ken…man…I never said over forty was “old”, dude! Grab those fifties and show these young-uns how to curl!!

If over 40 is old, somebody please dig me up…I’m 58 and still growing after 40 years of lifting! Age is no excuse for being fat and lazy. It is only an excuse for thinning hair. My son in law is 26 years younger than me, has 5 inches and 70 pounds on me and works construction but has yet to beat me in arm wrestling. My wife is also 58, looks like she is 35 and reps out leg presses with 630 pounds! Her philosophy is that age is just a number. None of this “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” bullshit. Hoo Rah! Look out Saddam, here come da Roids.

Right on.

Yea, I’m 40 but, to tell the truth, in 20+ years of lifting I’ve never injured myself. . .lifting; I have had impact injuries. I am stronger now than I was in my 20s, smarter too, thanks mostly to T-mag. My recovery rates are a little slower and I find lifting 4 days a week wears me down, although it could be the 10 hrs. a day of work. I have more money to spend on suppliments now, less time to play because of kids and wife. I also like seeing guys in their 40s act like their old men, gives me motivation.

I am 54. There are some training issues that are specific to the older lifter. For me that has to do with blood pressure. I can’t go on massive eating programs to gain muscle. Every time I do my blood pressure goes up. However, that has not stopped me from gaining muscle by slowly upping my calories. Sometimes the approaches are different for older lifters. The other thing is that I clearly cannot gain like I could when I was younger. But I can still gain.

Is what I like to hear for sure…I got started late in the game, but have developed a love for weight training like I could have never imagined. I have injured myself tons, but in return, I have developed my body like never before also, developed good eating habits that I have already passed on to my children and friends, (as well as training)we have a history of martial arts in my brood, and now to add muscle building and proper diet to the mix is just one more thing a good father/husband/friend can share. My hat is off to each and every one of you.

Kali1, I hear you about the guys our age that just dont get it…it is so sad to see them sloth around with nothing better to do than watch tv and veg out all the time. makes you wonder how they expect to be of any use in ten or twenty years?! The more active I am the happier I am, but it is difficult to pass that on to some.

hey you guys, I just ordered a few bottles of tribex500 and a bottle of M , I have used other trib products but first time for this one. Any cycle success stories for biotest ?

Hey gang, I’m 49 and have used Tribex and M. They work. My wife loved the effects. I have to be very careful of the food; it is real easy to add the weight and hard to get it off…but folks consistently think I’m around 35-38 y.o. I bench 410…squat 505…dead 525. I have strained my back a couple of times; usually when I try a new exercise and hit it too hard for the first time out…

charlie, I have found with pro-hormones (and a good trib product as well) I get better results upping my cals around 500 to 600 per day, any more than that and I tend to put on more fat than i want to have to take off. I have also found that no matter what i am on…working out more than four times a week and i am a walking zombie, and I never seem to gain more muscle mass. I am anxious to try the “M” and the Tribex.


With regards to supps, I am in the same boat. If I up my kCal by 500-700, I gain muscle with some fat. Getting it off is hard. Cardio helps but can quickly burn the muscle. Mag-10 works for me; I just don’t hit the numbers the younger folks do. It almost strips fat from me though. I read a thread here that someone wanted to try Mag-10 as a fat burner (if I remember correctly). Don’t know what the result was…but for myself, I lose damn near 1% for each week I am on it.

Charlie, after reading your post I went to the store and did a little reading on the mag 10, It is definately a product worth considering , although I have used both 1-ad and 4-ad, in different cycles with different precursers. I always did well with the 4-ad stacked with 1,4 androstadienedione. on top of that I use a topical w/19 nor and 5-androstanediol. the 1-ad just by itself was bitchin, only problem for me was I stayed pissed off all the time and experienced some temp. prostate problems. I am anxious to try this “M” with the tribex, then from there I may try the mag10 and throw in the “M” if it holds up.