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Training and Nutrition Roadblocks

What are some of the things in your life that you have to constantly overcome to keep yourself in shape. I am a baker and have to deal with fresh baked goods taunting me all day long, calling to me, teasing me. Being in this line of work also means starting my work days at 3 am which makes 8 hours of sleep virtually impossible in my current situation. I get off work at 11 am, get home around noon and take a four or so hour nap until my wife gets home. We usually get to the gym about 6, get home around 8, eat dinner, which puts me in bed around 9/9:30. I fall asleep around 10 and have to be up about 1 am to get ready for work (I have an hour drive each way). And to top it all off I live in the great state of Washington where it rains 364 days a year which makes training outside a little more difficult. I perservere through these obstacles and have made fairly good gains through the past year though they could have been better if I had found this site earlier. Anyway feel free to share what you all have to go through if you have any similar experience.