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Training and Nutrition Logs

What does everyone track. For nutrtion does anyone track vitamin and mineral breakdowns or is it mainly calories,protein,carbs,fat and fiber.
What about training do you track weight,sets,reps,rest and speed anything else you have found helpful in tracking training.
I am starting to track my diet and training and would like some pointers. I read The Missing Ingredient article and I think calories/fat/protein/carbs would be enough.

calories/fat/protein/carbs is what I use for nutrition. As for training, I mainly track reps and weight. Then again, I guess it depends on your goals.

I track-
Kcal/Cho/Glycerine/Fat/Sat /MCT/Pro/Fiber/Sodium
Mainly track simply what body part worked and type of exercise utilized- The max’s and rep #'s I just “know”

for nutrition, i just log calories and protein. I make sure i dont’ eat carbs and fat in the same meal, but I dont’ log those numbers. For training, I just log weight used, reps with good form, and order the exercises were done in. so i know if I change the order, the weight and reps for one exercise might go up or down.

Does everyone use excel,some other program or do you just use a notebook. I heard some people mention fitday and a couple others.