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Training and Nutrition Advice?

Can anyone please guide me on how to cut at 228 lbs 26% bf. Like should I go low carb or just traditional low fat and also do I have to minimize my workout intensity?
My current routine is,
Weight lifting 30 min, 2 times a day
Boxing 15 min, 2 times a day
Walking 30 min, 2 times a day
I do all this 6 times a week with one day of rest.
Also, some training advice on splits would be great as to how should I train at home.

At 26% body fat there is a very good chance you just simply need to clean up your diet. Nothing fancy is needed.

With all of the activity you do, I would be eating about 8,000 calories a day to be honest. So either you really don’t work that hard, or your diet has got to be atrocious.

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Yeah 18 exercise sessions a week is totallllly unnecesary for a beginner. Or anyone other than a paid athlete for that matter.

Quite the opposite, find a 3 -4 day a week plan on the Tnation part of the site (anything byDan John, Waterbury, Wendler etc) and hit each of those sessions damn HARD.

For diet as Evolv stated above, just eat clean first of all…cut out all junk/soda/sugary crap etc and then evaluate in say 6 weeks time.

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would help these guys if you give a rough idea of what you tend to eat.

Read this.

It gives step-by-step instructions to get to certain levels of leanness. You’re on step 1. There’s not much required of you at this point.

How long have you been doing that level of activity?

I feel the most important question to be asked about your routine is, what are those lifting sessions like?

2-a-days aren’t very common and, in my opinion, most lifters don’t need them.

However, while it can be counterproductive due to being “too much work,” I am more inclined to think that, when someone is training 12 times a week, it’s only possible because they are training nowhere near hard enough.

What does one of those 30-minute sessions look like?

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Morning session is 30 minute walk and then 30 minute strength training with 30 second rest and mainly dumbbell and bodyweight work. Then 15 minute boxing with speed bag with 2 minute round 1 minute rest.
Afternoon session include 30 minute walk and then 2 minute rounds of boxing alternating with active rest consisting of pushups, squats, rows, etc.
As for nutrition I usually used to eat junk food and less protein. I added protein and moved any sugars in my post workout window. Weight remained static for a month but definition improved.
I would also like to add that I trained for 2 years before I stopped and was also on AAS. Then I became fat and now I’m trying to loose all that weight and regain my physique.

The fact that you still can’t describe precisely your weight training regime speaks volumes.

Also, AAS, are you serious? What the fuck.

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Hi guys! So after a while of messy eating I’m structuring my diet to get lean and I wanted to get your advice on it. I’m planning to go low carb, moderate fat and high protein at 2100 kcal. My weight is 104 kg and I workout twice a day with my split being
My AM session is heavy in the 8-12 rep range and PM session is light. Each session is max 30 min and sometimes I do moderate intensity cardio for 20 min too.

Troll much?

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This has got to be the vaguest post I’ve ever seen on here

Amazing that someone who first posted 5 years ago is still asking similar questions in the same forum section …is it not?

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10 weeks ago:


You’ve gotten zero results because you’ve implemented zero of the advice you previously gotten. It’d be great if you tried to do some of the stuff that works.

Start here:

quite an achievement to do 2 a days for 3 months and not lose any weight :rofl:

5 years ago he was giving out gear advice at the supposive age of 17.:thinking:

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oh dear, what a dick


Sooooo… in a weeks time you lift 6 hours

6 hours of walking
3 hours of boxing
So 15 hours of physical activity…

But can’t drop weight?

Hmmm… you do get based off your previous post over 5 years you come off as uneducated on things or unmotivated to learn . Since if you were trully motivated in 5 years you would have a more solid idea of what to do.

Or… you assume people reading your post are dumb as hell.

Gee which is it?

Biker Bulldog

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