Training and Diet While Offshore

Hey guys, Im doing work experience whilst on holidays from Uni as a Mechanical Engineer. Its going great so far, having been given real engineering problems to work with. The company Im working for does alot of subsea pipeline trenching and other stuff. The boss made a proposition to me yesterday, where he would send me offshore overseas for a month to get more familia with the equipment and see it in action.

This is the greatest opportunity, and I guess it means Ive got a job with them, even though I have a few subjects left over at Uni next year.
The question I need to ask you guys is what do I do about training and diet? I dont think I will be able to train whilst offshore on a barge, but if so, great!! Will have to find out. But if not, what do I do about diet, should I take a whole lot of MRP’s with me and keep the cals at sorta maintenance level? or what. I dont wana lose all my size in this month, and if Im going to lose, I want the loses to be minimal.