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training and diet while cutting with aas

Let me start by saying that I have read the past articles as well as the all mighty forum search engine in search of answers. I am pretty confident that I have my training and diet dialed in pretty well at this point. I have maintained a detailed training and nutrition log as well as weekly bf% tests and measurements.
I have been slowly dieting (t-dawg style) for about 8 weeks. During that time I have been following poliquins ?maximal weights? routine. I have also included 2-3 hiit sessions per week, as well as some evening, moderate heart rate cardio (bike riding). I have dropped about 5% bf and my lbm has maintained constant. I am very happy with my results thus far. I am currently about 10%, my abs are slightly visible and I look my personal best. I am going to add an androgen (tren) soon to help me get into those low bf #?s. I would like to get to 6% or below over the next 6-8 weeks while maintaining as much lbm as possible. With that said, here are my questions:

  1. should I stick with t-dawg style dieting or try something like ?steroid dieting? or the ?cheaters diet?? or stick with t dawg for now and get more aggressive with the diet (calorie wise) as the deadline approaches?
  2. my maximal weights program will soon be complete. Should I stick with something similar post ?maximal weights? i.e. 5x5 throughout the entire cutting cycle, or should I perhaps increase volume to a more moderate level for a period of time? Maybe a couple weeks of ovt followed by more low volume training to induce moderate hypertrophy and shock the body?

Your suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

bump, help please.

You have made some good progress. With androgen I would go with a diet that has more carbs like JB’s Don’t Diet.

Training wise I like 5x5 while cutting but with again with androgen I would be tempted to go with OVT.

You adding winny with the tren?

hhh, thanks for the reply. as of right now, im going with tren only. just enough to preserve lbm. im not starting my cycle for about a week, i may try to get my hands on some winny if my finances allow for it.
believe me i am very tempted to go back to ovt as well, since i previously made great progres with it.