Training and Diet to Get to 8% BF. Recommendations?

I’m 57, 5’10” and 217 down from 230. BF% is about 14-16% with calipers and when 230, about 18%. Been on TRT for a long time and really enjoying it now that it’s a bit dialed-in.
I’ve always lifted using rep ranges 6-10 and often to failure. Now looking for a change and want to get down to 8%bf. Any recommendations?
Once I get there, I’ll look into bodybuilding programs for the first time and upping calories slowly so if y’all want to chime in on that, thanks.

No experience with bodybuilding.
I doubt rep ranges will decrease body fat in someone who is training on a regular basis.
I would think further decrease in body fat % would come from diet , and appearance from exercise selection, volume and intensity.
I don’t know how to manipulate TRT to change body fat composition, I’m sure it’s probably doable.


Any workout that you would use to build muscle will work when losing body fat. The only difference is your ability to recover. Muscle gain on a cut isn’t likely to happen(it can with very high protein diet and a lower calorie deficit). Just continuing with your workout as is with a focus on watching your calories is probably a good approach.

– Ralphie

Just go for that Walter Kempner diet with some extra protein


57 in about 3 weeks

Why would you want to get to 8%? Stuff hurts when you’re that lean. There is no such thing as gaining muscle and cutting simultaneously, without some drug intervention or being in incredibly bad shape to begin with. At a certain point, it doesn’t matter what you do or take, a cut will cost you muscle mass. The gains in definition fool people into believing otherwise.

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Tried any circuit training?


So all in all I’ve been just fucking around unintentionally hopping from one thing to another but all were HIT-style basically. Ok, so maybe 8% isn’t a good idea but I want to get leaner and then follow with a slow gain bodybuilding program…unless y’all think something like 5/3/1 is the answer for that? I’m not entering any contests, just want to be a bit leaner, healthier, lighter…and then gain some muscle slowly so as to lessen fat gain that accompanies.
I’ve not done circuit training.
Every time I diet, I lose weight but at the same time, too much muscle. I’m able to comply with a plan, just not sure which is appropriate and asking advice from those of you who have been there and done that. Preferably older guys/ladies who understand those challenges.

I should clarify the 5/3/1 comment. I love who Jim outlines everything and the training g programs seem spot-on for me; so well laid out, slow progression, weights already formulated, etc. And I’d simply do one of those (I bought his books) except nothing seems specific to fat loss, only strength/mass gains. Am I wrong? For once, I’d be happy to hear I am, really want to do the BBB scheme.

Sorry for the multiple response. I also should clarify the TRT mention. I added that in case it had an impact on recommendations vis a vis recovery ability, diet plans, etc. TBH, I am the same build as I was before TRT, I see no discernible benefits other than I feel better all in all. I’m sure it has helped ohhsical

After some thought, I’m just gonna pick a 5/3/1 template and move on. Overthinking this for sure. Thanks