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Training and diet questions

Background info - i’m 17, 170lbs @ 6ft (12% BF or less my estimate), trained a little in school before but nothing hardcore.

This is what i’ve put together for a training plan after reading some articles.

Monday: Chest and Triceps, abs
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Quads and Hamstrings
Friday: Shoulders, Calves, and Abs
Saturday and Sunday: off

Decreasing weight for all exercises, 1 Warm up set–first exercise, 20 reps.
First set 6-8 reps, second set 10-12 reps, 3rd set 12-15 reps. Abs, 3 sets of 10 for all.

Tempo: 2 seconds concentric, 4 seconds eccentric

Chest and Triceps, abs
Bench Press
Incline Bench press
Tricep Extensions
French Press
Weighted Crunches
Reverse Crunches
Oblique crunches

Back and Biceps
Barbell Bent Over Row
Barbell Curls
Concentration Curls
Hammer Curls

Quads and Hamstrings
Front Squats
Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Hamstring curls

Shoulders, Calves, and Abs
Military Press
Upright Rows
DB front raises
Standing Calf Raises- 2 sets
Weighted Crunches
Oblique Crunches
Reverse Crunches


7:30 - 2 whole eggs, 2 Egg whites, Cup oatmeal, 20Oz glass milk, Apple
10:45 - Protein bar
12:00 - chicken nuggets, Milk
1:00 - Protein bar

3:30 - Chicken breast, Cup oatmeal, 20oz glass milk, Apple
4:30 - workout
5:30 - Whey with 24oz grape juice
7:00 - Chicken breast, cup oatmeal, 200Z milk
8:00-Cup of Nuts/Cashews, Brocolli, Milk
9:30 - Cup Cottage cheese

No supplements except whey.

What do you guys think?
My short term goal is to gain 15lbs in the next three months with MINIMAL fat gain. I’ll probably do some cardio in the summer because I want to be cut up (even if I don’t have that much muscle).
Goal for 2 years: 190lbs @ 5% bf
What advice would you give me to help achieve my goals?

More protein brother
dont cut your calories short. your body has what is called homeostasis. the trick to gaining muscle and keeping fat off is to increase the rate in which your body utilizes calories. people tend to drop calories too low, whereas the trick is to keep them high( but have the calories come from good food choices) then your body will maintain homestasis at a high rate of metabolism and youll grow like a weed!

My reccomendation:
9 egg whites 2 yolks
chicken,fish,lean beef : 10 oz cooked weight
50g whey protein after workout and before bed
keep your meal size the same no matter what time it is. youre body learns only by repetition so keep consisant and your body will know what you want it to do

50-60g protein
60-80g carbs
10g fat
every 3 hours


Why no chinups?

Move your back and biceps workout to monday or your quad workout to friday. The deadlifts you’re doing will also torch your hamstrings and legs and you probably need more recovery then 2 days in between the deadlift vs squat sessions.

thanks for the replies.
no chins because I don’t have a chinbar–well i do but i’m too tall.
I was thinking of adding weighted pushups to chest day too.

50-60g protein
60-80g carbs
10g fat
every 3 hours

At school that’s going to be really tough, the only thing I could think of to sneak in was protein bars–homemade (Oatmeal, whey, peanut butter).

How many calories total do you recommend?

DocDjr, do you recommend I “bulk” and “cut”? I know a few pretty big/ripped people that just maintain a constant calorie level throughout the year, don’t do cardio, and are sub 10% bodyfat.

My initial thoughts after giving your post a quick read:

  1. Skip the high rep warm ups. Instead, do low rep warm ups and more of them. The purpose of your warmup is to simply get used to the movement and the gradually increasing weight. High rep warm ups have the potential to zap your strength since the decreased blood ph accompanying them can inhibit firing of the high threshold motor units.

  2. In my opinion, too much bicep work.

  3. Dumbell front raises are redundent. With all your pressing movements your front delts are getting more than enough stimulation.

Ok so I should do like an 8 rep warm up with lightweight 2 times?


Yet again, I second Ike. If you want a back, find something to do chins with. A bar, an I-beam, a tree, whatever. Something.

D. Indech

Ok Doc, i’ve changed my diet to try and fit your suggestion. I can change everything except for the 10:00 and 12:00 meal.

7:00 - 7 Egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1/2 Cup oatmeal, 20oz milk-- Fat/Carbs/Protein: 20/60/59

10:00 - 2 Protein bars (Whey, Oatmeal, Peanutbutter) - 10/76/36

12:00 - Chicken nuggets, Milk (School stuff, not for sure)

3:30 - Chicken breast, 1/2cup oatmeal, 20oz 1% milk -9/60/58

4:30 -workout
5:30 - 50 g whey with 16 oz grape juice - 5/75/50

6:30 - Chicken breast, 1/2cup oatmeal, 20oz 1% milk -9/60/58

8:00 - 50 Grams whey, 1/2 cup - oatmeal - 6/40/55
9:30 - 2 Cups cottage cheese: 20/12/56

That totals: 79g Fat/383g Carbs/372g Protein.

How does that look? Suggestions?

Am I the only one who thinks this is waaay too much work, especially for the shoulders??? What happened to my T- bro’s that would tell this kid to hit the basics hard, eat, rest ,and recover. I mean honestly, at 17, I think you’d do fine doing incline presses, dips, and tricep extensions on chest and tri day. Just my 2 cents.


post workout shake only needs around 25g of protein, any more and blood sugar levels are lowered which reduces the speed in which amino acids enter the blood for utilization. YOu want the highest insulin spike during this time so the grape juice is fine at 16oz. but protein cut in half. Your workout does have some nicks in it, but if you move your thursday to tuesday and vice versa it can work.

Boxer Al

Ok i’ll move Tuesday to Thursday, and Tuesday to Thursday and try to add in Chins on backday.
Is my diet fine besides dropping the whey by 25 grams?

Anything else?