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Training and Diet on Prednisone

Does anybody have experience/suggestions for training while taking prednisone? I am currently prescribed a couple weeks of it, and have noticed in the past that I seem to get weaker/fatter when I have to use it.

My understanding is that prednisone is basically synthetic cortisol, which has typical effects of raising blood pressure and blood sugar levels. I have mostly cut out caffeine and removed most carb sources during the day to compensate for that those effects. Any other changes that people would recommend?

In terms of training, I have noticed more head pressure/dizziness during lifts with serious core demands (overhead press, deadlift, etc.). I have lowered weight/increased reps to avoid that, which seems to be working. Cardio does not seem negatively affected at all, so I am still doing that 3 times per week. Does anyone have any experiences/observations on things that they have changed to help?

FWIW, I am not expecting medical advice, I know you aren’t doctors (even if some of you are). This just seems to be a drug I have to take occasionally that negatively alters body composition, and I would love to hear if any lifters know how to mitigate that.