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Training and Diet for Intellectual Work Capacity?

Hi Christian,
first of all I really appreciate that u share ur huge knowledge with us. I didn’t see any better site to learn about training and dieting than this.
Seceondly I want to apolagize for my English, but I hope it’s good enough to understand me.

I think that my question is very interesting but I didn’t found answer here so far. Let’s say u are personal coach and u have new client. He is lawyer/doctor/economist/engineer and he wants to start training and dieting to be able to do intellectual work for longer period of time on high quality level and just be healthier. He doesn’t care about big biceps or squating 200 kg. What type of training and diet would u recommend in this situation?

Thanks in advance

For the training do a website search for “neural charge workouts” … for amping up the brain/nervous system this is the way to go. I would also include some brisk walking for 45-60 min per day.

As for nutrition go with an anti-inflammatory diet… supplement with omega 3 fatty acids, curcumin, lots of green veggies, fish and chicken instead of red meat. Look into Brain Candy or Power Drive in the Biotest store