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Training and Anger Management


I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but somehow it didn't seem to fit in any of the other forums so I figured I'd try here and suffer the consequences.

I've been training for a while now and I've seen some great results and some less than stellar results but that's how it works I guess. One thing I've noticed is that my temper seems to show up to the party a lot more than it used to and I'm finding it really hard to control it some times. While I'm nowhere near the strength of a lot of the members here I'm starting to worry what kind of damage I would be capable of doing if I lose my temper.

When I'm in the gym anger pushes me forward but outside of the gym I can't help but feel like busting someone's head open with a 45 lbs plate sometimes.

Is there anyone who can offer me some advice or tips on how to avoid breaking the next popped collar douchebag's head open? I've tried things like "count to 10" but somehow I imagine myself counting out punches and get even more pissed off.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry dude...nothing you can do except maybe grow up and get over yourself.




Cut your ballz off. No testosterone. Problem solved.


Martial arts can help you build a strong character, and you will be able to control yourself.


You aren't training hard enough.


I would suggest that when you have these feelings, that you realize that you're a douchebag.....only a different brand.

Worry about who YOU are, not them.


learn how to relax, don't worry about shit that doesn't matter, chill out, learn to enjoy life, be happy that your you, etc. This is all really basic stuff. OP, are u really young?


This almost sounds like a troll job...

When you let these people bother you, you let them win or at least waste your time & elevate your blood pressure. The world is full of fools & idiots (check www.darwinawards.com if you don't believe me) so why do you let them get under your skin?

Never let your happiness depend on the actions of another.

If they anger you, focus inwards or at least on the weights. Worst case scenario, change gyms if the idiot assclown ratio is too high for your liking.

Anger when harnessed properly is a good thing; it can move a lot of weight. Otherwise it shows you up as an immature individual.

I forgot who mentioned this in another post/thread but I found it enlightening & a great goal - "to be alone in a crowded gym" That is the essence of lifting, you against the weight despite the clown convention milling around you

Let it go.

Reread the last sentence I typed. Try it.

Other than that, get laid. That does therapeutic wonders :slightly_smiling:


Goosfraba! Goosfraba! Goosfraba.........


LOL good one


rip a stop sign out of ground...drink milk...repeat


I'm in my twenties and a few circumstances in my real life is making controlling my anger really hard and I was hoping someone could give me ways to deal with it that doesn't end up with me being self destructive.




Try meditating ... or chronic masturbation


Dude, please. Nobody's life is perfect. Does your anger solve anything? Nope. It only makes things worse. Will lashing out fix your problems? Fuck no. You'll just fuck yourself up even more by getting aarrested or becoming a fugative or maybe you'll wind up dead.

Wouldn't it be so much easier and feel so much better to suck it up, clear your mind of all the emotional bullshit, and take an objective problem solving based look at what's bothering you?

There. That's the best advice your going to get anywhere.


You could check out anger management. My dad had some pretty bad anger issues when I was younger. He went to anger management, and I never saw him explode again.
Being his son, I've ended up with a pretty hot temper as well. Fortunately, not as bad. I used to have some outbursts when I was younger but it's non-issue now. Years of holding it back have made me more docile :slight_smile:

On a side note, I'm not sure what I think about catharsis, but I've never walked into the gym pissed off and left pissed off.


have you tried staying off of the steroids?


dude you are supposed to cycle the fucking creatine man. one month on/one month off.

thats whats making you so hardcore.


No offense, but I suspect that you are an insecure weiner with entitlement issue--and possibly a small penis.

The best thing to do is--as someone else suggested--get the fuck over yourself.