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Training and Age

Im 18 years old and have been commited to my training for about 2 years now. Over the last year some of my training partners (of the same age as me) have added considerable amounts of size and strength with little or no change in their training and diet. My only reasoning for this was that their bodies were filling out as they approached the age of peak muscularity in males. I was hoping some of you could share your experieces in your change in muscularity and strength especially during the transition from late teens to early 20’s.


It just becomes harder once you get past the newbie gains. You have to start paying attention to things like diet where you probably didn’t as a newbie teen. And you can’t workout haphazardly either. You have to get a little more precise about it to keep getting results. You need a plan. Recovery becomes more important. Just don’t get frustrated. Expect gains to slow down, but if you’re smart they won’t stop. Keep reading T-mag.