Training Against Asymmetry

Hi Guys,

I have a bit of scoliosis - my spine curves a little towards the right. This makes the left side of my back bigger and slightly more hunched than my right, especially the parts between my left shoulder blade to the top of my traps. I’ve been trying to find some method to stimulate more growth of the corresponding region on my right side but to no avail, can’t seem to hit it correctly. Have tried doing more shrugs on my right side, doing various kinds of rows focussing more on my right back so far.

Its becoming quite a problem cos with more training the difference between my left and right back seems to be exacerbated. I also found that when I do military presses for example the kind of muscles I tend to use to lift on the left differs slightly from that of the right, which is bad. This is also the case for side dumbell raises. I think its going to get worse if I don’t do something about it now, but I’m not sure what to do.

Any advice?


Try to do unilateral movements only for a while, start with your ‘weak’ side and do only as much reps with the other side as you completed with your weaker one, even if it doesn’t completely fatigue the muscle(group)