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Training After Specialization Program?

I have been reading through the articles on here, probably too much haha. Anyways I keep seeing articles talking about building a muscle group, whether it is arms or shoulders etc. Well along with a ton of other information, it gives a program for developing this muscle group that is to be done for a certain amount of time. My question is how is this, how is progress maintained after the program is ended?

Im assuming the program has increased volume than what you were doing before. So after the 8 weeks or whatever it is you drop back down to a little less volume. Do you gradually lose the gains that you made cause you aren’t maintaining the volume? Or does the less volume still allow you to maintain your progress? Obviously being a beginner I am nowhere near trying to single out a muscle group. I didn’t know whether to post this in the beginner section cause it is def a beginner question, just maybe not a beginner topic. Before I get torn apart (which would be justified), just wanted to say that Im not thinking of doing this yet or anything, just a question on my mind that I wanted to have answered.

What program are you talking about? I have a hard time understanding you. Most people I know that body-build and the programs I’ve seen don’t have 8 week cycles or w/e you’re talking about. Building muscle takes years and a lot of time. You will get those initial “novice” growth gains but it will slow down and you will need to be consistent and dedicated to your training.
I think what you mean by these 8 week cycles are peaking cycles. Where an individual runs an intense program to prepare for a meet or an attempt at a PR.
Volume is necessary to grow, but too much is bad, and too little will do nothing.


Not sure how I’m a troll. I’m not even talking about using this as my training. I was just curious and wanted to learn something, which Is why i posted this in the beginner section. Here’s an example of what I mean, couldn’t find exact one